Prospective tenants are screened for:

1)  Consumer credit history report satisfactory to Landlord or Landlord's Agent
2)  Gross monthly income should be at least 3 times greater than monthly rent
3)  Current Landlord reference and/or other references

Click on Prospective Tenant Application to view 2-page application form.
Complete Prospective Tenant Application online and click SUBMIT link.
Tenant should
read and complete the application form, sign page 1, and
initial page 2. Prospective tenant should submit application, copy of
driver's license and application fee to Preferred Realty Professionals, Inc.
(PRPI) via mail. Application will be processed within 24-hours, and
prospective tenant will be notified of approval or adverse action in
writing. Approved prospective tenant must remit a good faith deposit (equal
to one month's rent) to PRPI immediately upon notification of application
approval. A good faith deposit becomes a security deposit held in escrow
after Residential Lease is signed.

Prospective tenant should contact PRPI to request appointment to inspect the
rental property, sign Residential Lease, pay first month's rent and pet fee
(if applicable) with a bank cashier's check and move in. Carpet will have
been professionally cleaned. Professional pest control service will have
been performed. Tenant is responsible for establishing utility services in
tenant's name effective with actual date of occupancy. Tenant must likewise
notify utility service providers to terminate utility services in tenant's
name upon lease term expiration.

Tenant is responsible for personal property inventory, routine
lawn/landscape care, clean and sanitary housekeeping, pest control, working
smoke detectors, regularly changing HVAC system filters and returning access
keys to PRPI. Any legitimate charge paid by PRPI to cure lack of due lawn
or housekeeping care, extraordinary wear-and-tear, property damage and lost
access keys will be charged back to Tenant.Tenant will report all rental
property maintenance/repair issues to PRPI. Only PRPI can authorize
maintenance and repairs. Tenant must provide contractors access to rental
property. Tenant may not repair and deduct from rent without specific
permission from PRPI.  PRPI will inspect rental property monthly from the
street.   PRPI will request to inspect interior of rental property at least
once by convenient appointment during lease term.

At least 60 days prior to lease term expiration, tenant must notify PRPI
whether or not Tenant wants to sign another lease or vacate. Upon lease
term expiration, tenant must provide PRPI proof of professional carpet
cleaning and professional pest control service. PRPI will inspect rental
property within 15 days of lease term expiration. PRPI, the Landlord's
Agent & Property Manager, pledges to treat Tenant with respect, fairness and
courtesy throughout lease term. Tenant is encouraged to communicate with
PRPI via email,



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