Absentee owners (landlords) can expect PRPI to oversee their property in accordance with objectives, directives and obligations stated in the Property Management Agreement.  We pledge to protect the physical condition of your property, preserve its market value, and strive to secure highest market rent.  Documented market analyses will be presented to ensure landlord receives appropriate rent revenue.  The rental dwelling and lot will be videotaped before every tenant is granted occupancy.  All personal property will be inventoried.  Prospective tenants are carefully screened for credit worthiness, adequate income, and character references.   Landlords receive an itemized, cumulative Transaction Report and Profit & Loss statement by the 10th of every month.  All preventive and/or corrective service on the property is approved by the landlord in advance, unless of an emergency nature.   IRS Tax form 1099-Misc. is rendered to every landlord in January for inclusion with federal/state income tax returns.  Fee to secure tenant and management fee are agreed to and paid by the Landlord. 

We strive to attain and maintain your life long trust and favor as a property management expert, specializing in real estate sales and property management in Central Florida, Middle Georgia and North Carolina High Country.