“My Kitchen Domain” is my gift of pure hospitality to you.  Please accept and use this gift to celebrate  family members, precious friends and even strangers.  Daily bring delicious aromas, nutrition, smiles, laughter, fun, comfort, music and memories into your home and family life. 

        I grew up in a Fulton County, Georgia group home for homeless children in southwest Atlanta.  Our birth parents were neither spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically or financially capable of rearing six children.  My earliest cooking memory is boiling water for spaghetti without supervision and pouring ketchup on the cooked spaghetti to prevent two younger brothers and me from becoming malnourished before we were taken into protective custody.  We were separated as young children and not reunited until our adult years. 

       My passion for cooking began as teenager when I often broke into the kitchen of the Big Girls’ cottage to prepare French fries, hamburgers and brownies for my friends.  The group home superintendent routinely hauled me down to the central juvenile detention facility in many a failed attempt to reform me.  A dependent welfare mentality was seemingly perpetuated--neither boys nor girls were taught basic life skills such as cooking, money management and relationships.  I still have unrealistic fears of homelessness, evidenced by nightmares about being forced to leave Oak Hill upon high school graduation with nowhere to go next.  I met my husband in the group home, and we helped each other survive a non-traditional childhood.  We married and reared two beautiful daughters under God’s divine guidance and showers of blessings.  I taught our daughters to cook with love, gratitude, thrift, organization, cheek, conscience and imagination.  They are masters of cheek with chic!    

       I am not a registered dietician, professional chef or any other credentialed culinary expert.  I am an experienced cook and love to study, plan, prepare and share delicious, healthy meals.  There is always something good stirring on our gas stove or baking in our convection oven.    I have successfully prepared and shared every one of the recipes included in “My Kitchen Domain”.  If you can read and follow directions, you can be a great cook. 


Routinely eat food prepared at home, rather than dining out in restaurants.  Home cooked meals will be remembered. 


Cook with love and gratitude as the motivating energy force.  Purpose in your heart to serve others. 


Share culinary creations.  Remember the little boy who shared 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish that Jesus blessed and fed thousands of hungry guests who had gathered together to listen to Jesus teach and preach the gospel truth.


Encourage your children to watch you cook.  Teach your children to study, plan, prepare, share, and clean up.


Waste not--you will need it later.  Practice thrift--or risk developing a lifelong habit of poor management.


Thank God for daily bread and for his faithfulness to all generations.  Praise God with prayer and song.


I will continue to build “My Kitchen Domain” with menus, recipes, tips and photos to share with others.  Please contact me via and let me know whether or not the presented information is useful.  Share your favorite menus and recipes with me.  Bon Appetit, my friends!